SteamBio Africa

SteamBio Africa sets out to address two significant challenges facing Southern Africa; the need for clean, secure and reliable energy, and the need to address the challenge of invasive woody biomass species. With support from the EU Horizon 2020 funding programme, we aim to address these challenges by adding value to problematic biomass resources in order to produce a clean burning, high value solid biofuel with coal-like properties. SteamBio Africa will use a novel superheated steam technology to thermally upgrade the biomass feedstock, yielding solid biofuel, water, and a mix of potentially high-value organic chemicals. Upstream benefits include the development of the harvesting value chains, contributing towards the restoration of degraded lands and drainage systems, as well as creating new local economic development opportunities.  Downstream benefits include the supply and distribution of the biofuel, being a direct substitute for fossil coal in industrial applications, as well as a substitute for less desirable solid fuels in low-income households.