SCG, a leading business conglomerate in the ASEAN region, has committed itself to conducting business in line with good corporate governance and sustainable development principles throughout 100 years. The Group’s longstanding tradition of learning, adjustment and development in all areas has enabled SCG to survive the wave of crises and challenges and earn widespread recognition as a role model for other businesses, both locally and internationally.

SCG was established in 1913 following a royal decree of His Majesty King Rama VI to produce cement, the main building material for infrastructure projects that greatly contributed to the progress of the country during that period. Since its founding, SCG has grown continually and diversified into three core businesses, namely SCG Cement Building Materials, SCG Chemicals and SCG Packaging.

SCG, Chemicals Business has emphasized on developing and increasing sales of high value-added products through new innovations to satisfy diversified customers’ needs and strengthen our competitiveness along with Circular Economy concept in order to take on all changes, address customers’ and stakeholders’ needs and become a regional leader. Chemicals Business has applied digital technology to uplift operation efficiency to meet the challenges of the future. In addition, Chemicals Business has committed itself to conducting business in line with sustainable development principles through eco-friendly products and production processes.

SCG is a co-founder of Alliance to End Plastic Waste, a world-class non-profit organization created by world leading companies throughout plastic value chain from manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and plastic waste management companies to solve plastic waste issues, especially in the ocean. In Thailand, SCG has participated in a cooperation program among public and private sector for sustainable plastics and waste management (PPP Plastic).