Norner Research AS

NORNER Research AS is a Norwegian non-profit private company with an ambition to explore smart products, safe polymers and new production technologies for polymers from sustainable feedstock as well as sustainable packaging solutions and safe food protection. NORNER Research provides industrial polymer services in research and development covering catalysis, polymerization processes and technologies, polymer science, polymer processing and application performance. A key activity is collaborative R&D with the industry to ensure that new solutions are developed to the benefit of these companies. Norner’s Polymer Exploration Centre is equipped with industrial bench scale reactors and and minipilot plants including required infrastructure for a range of homogeneously and heterogeneously catalyzed polymerisation processes. Norner has industrially relevant polymer conversion equipment for injection moulding machines and compression moulding equipment as well as a range of other conversion technologies. Norner has high strategic ambitions related to developing novel solutions for plastics in the circular economy. Norner contributes with its expertise in the whole plastics value chain to develop solutions for plastics in the circular economy, related to biobased polymers, material recycling and chemical recycling. Notably, Norner strives to develop solutions that will radically improve the quality and consistency of polymers made from novel feedstock like CO2 and demonstrate their use e. g. in packaging and notably food packaging applications.