CIAOTECH S.r.l., as a wholly owned company and Italian branch of the PNO Group, is specialized in Innovation Management and funding, providing support services to private and public organizations in Innovation processes, Technology Transfer, IT solutions and funding for research, development and innovation. The PNO Group, established in 1984, is a European group, made up of a pool of more than 250 professionals across 7 Member States (direct presence) including scientists, engineers, consultants, a Brussels policy advisory service, as well as financial and legal experts. The growth of the company can be attributed to a unique combination of services, based on profound insight in research, innovation and funding strategies, up-to-date knowledge and 30 years of experience with more than 500 funding programmes in most EU countries. The company has the proven capability to link innovation suppliers and adopters from a unique Europe-wide client network in multiple sectors, using advanced methodologies and proprietary on-line networking. The PNO Group’s core business is to support industries, Public Administration and research organizations in the definition, implementation and realization of their innovation strategies. The PNO Group supports over 2,000 clients throughout Europe, annually developing over 200 European consortia projects and fostering their successful implementation in many technology domains through the project management, technology intelligence, innovation services, exploitation and dissemination services, and the setting up of international technology transfer networks and knowledge sharing communities. PNO participates as a partner and as coordinator in over 70 innovation projects funded by the European Union and each year attracts over 200 million Euro in public funding for ground-breaking innovation projects. For dissemination and communication activities, CTECH has its own community building, management and dissemination tools, the core one being Innovation Place© (www.innovationplace.eu) serving over 30,000 high-tech companies and organizations in Europe. Regarding project financial administration, annually, PNO supports organizations within over 3,000 national and European funding programmes and fiscal regulations. PNO advises organizations in setting up their financial project management, administration and reporting procedures to be compliant with requirements set by the funding authority; is fully responsible for the execution of the financial project management; implements the project administration and prepares and submits the interim and final reports for the funding authorities. PNO also co-managed the process of developing a Public Private Partnership and the SPIRE 2030 Innovation Roadmap (www.spire2030.eu) for the sustainable process industry, and the new Vision and Strategic research Agenda of WssTP on Water Innovation, as input to HORIZON 2020. PNO has drafted and successfully executed dissemination and exploitation plans of numerous European projects in various sectors.