The Institute for Research on Catalysis and Environment of Lyon (IRCELYON) is a joint research unit of CNRS and University of Lyon1.

The French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) is an interdisciplinary public research organization under the administrative supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. With about 33 000 people dedicated to research and 1 144 research laboratories in France and abroad, the CNRS is among the world’s leading research institutions.

The Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University is part of the University of Lyon, the most important French University site outside the Paris region. The Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University is a renowned educational and research institution, organized into 13 departments and 65 institutes and academic centers within an attractive environment. It provides teaching for 45 000 students a year in the fields of science and technology, health and sport (2900 teachers/researchers).

IRCELYON with around one hundred permanent staff and at least as many PhD and master students, post-docs and guest researchers from around thirty different countries brings together all competences in heterogeneous catalysis over the Lyon area and forms the largest laboratory in heterogeneous catalysis in France and Europe. All the activities of IRCELYON are directed towards a better understanding of catalysis and adsorption/desorption processes, in order to solve scientific issues that concern chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and environmental issues. IRCELYON has all the analytical and physico-chemical characterization tools for catalysts and supports to push forward the frontier of knowledge in our field, while taking an integrated catalyst-reactor-reaction approach. Due to the high-quality research developed, IRCELYON is involved in many academic and industrial partnerships (public and industrial funded research projects, both at national and European level).