Axelera is the leading French cluster for the chemical and environmental sectors. It was created in 2005 in the France’s Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Economically, this region is ranked second in France (7th in Europe) and is also known as the first chemical production region in France. Axelera is committed to developing sustainable, efficient, circular and clean solutions for industry. Axelera’s network of 370 members (at Dec. 31, 2020) gathers expertise in:

  • Water, air, and soil depollution;
  • Materials and chemicals manufacturing;
  • Equipment and systems manufacturing and integration;
  • Process engineering, energy and resource efficiency, and regulatory compliance;
  • Recycling/reuse of various industrial by-products and end-of-life products;
  • Renewable raw materials;
  • Digitalisation of industry.

Axelera is recognized as an “Innovative project factory.” Two-thirds of Axelera’s members are companies from startups to large multinationals, and 1/3 are RTOs and universities. Beyond its members, Axelera builds strong relationships with other innovative research institutes and Clusters across Europe, which facilitates technology transfer, dissemination and networking for its members’ projects. At last count, 431 R&D projects have been matured and/or certified by Axelera yielding public funds of 1,5 billion euros of global budget. In terms of dissemination and networking, Axelera connects academia and companies, and helps them to communicate effectively and build new relationships. Axelera organizes a dozen workshops and panel talks annually, and prepares several networking events each year (brokerages, meetings, etc.). Finally, the “Axelera Invest Club” helps its members to attract private investments.