PyroCO2 Project Launch Event

After cancellation of the PYROCO2 Public Launch Event in December 2021 due to COVID-19, we are now happy to announce the new date for the event, taking place at the same venue and with a similarly exciting overall programme as originally planned.

The programme will feature presentations and discussions involving industry, policymakers, research organisations, and other societal stakeholders that will guide the audience through key aspects of the objectives set by the EU Green Deal to achieve a sustainable climate-neutral Europe by 2050.

The three sessions of the event will cover:

The Green Deal and the green industry transition – Roles of industry, legislation, and public funding. Here we will address the central roles played by industry, policymakers, and public funding agencies to accelerate and stimulate the green transition.

Integrated carbon management for a circular economy. This session covers the critical importance of carbon management and how this needs to be taken into serious consideration to achieving a thriving, circular economy. Within the topic of integrated carbon management, we will hear about plans, ambitions and success stories already implemented at a large scale.

Technical solutions for more sustainable manufacturing processes. This closes the event with a synopsis on the role of science and technology as the master tool to achieve a green transition at the industrial level. Here, a key topic is the interaction between industry and research as a means of channelling the innovation directly into manufacturing processes.