PyroCO2 presented in the Norwegian Tekna CO2 Conference 2022

On January 20th, 2022, the PyroCO2 joined the Norwegian Tekna CO2 Conference, an event that closely follows developments in CO2 management and Norway’s role and contribution in an international climate perspective.

Norway’s first full-scale facility for carbon capture is a reality, is under construction and will be completed in 2024. In addition, with carbon capture and storage (CCS), Norway will be able to store hydrogen from natural gas and continue to be a significant supplier of energy to the European market. Alongside CCS, new climate-positive solutions include the development of CCU processes to reduce CO2 emissions.

In the frame of this conference, Dr. Alexander Wentzel, Senior Researcher at SINTEF Industry and coordinator of the EU Green Deal initiative PYROCO2, presented the project in a dedicated session titled “PYROCO2 – Biotechnological process for sustainable value creation from industrial CO2”.