Carbon Capture Summit 2023

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Carbon Capture Summit 2023 brings together industry leaders to explore next-generation technologies for carbon capture, utilisation, storage, and transportation to meet net-zero emissions targets.

Carbon dioxide levels in the Earth’s atmosphere have risen to critical levels and tackling climate change is one of the biggest global challenges requiring immediate action. Industries and government agencies are now looking at innovative ways to create a circular carbon economy.

Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage, or CCUS, is an emerging technology for reducing carbon emissions from energy production, heavy industries, and transportation. The captured CO₂ can be used as a valuable resource or permanently stored deep underground in geological formations, providing the foundation for carbon removal from the atmosphere.

By creating new CCUS-based business models and discovering scalable uses of CO₂, industries can significantly reduce their carbon footprints and address the dual climate-energy challenges of the modern era.

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